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Just a brife reminder that Monday 19th of May is a holiday and there will not be any Karate classs.

33rd Annual Gima-Ha Shiai

The Shiai was a great susses thanks to all who attended. hope to see you all at Summer camp 2014 at Whistler Village. See all our pictures from the Shiai in our new and inproved Media page.

Aldergrove Karate Dojo

26850 - 29th Ave. Aldergrove BC (Aldergrove Community Secondary School). Pone 604 897-2681 or aldergrovekarate@shaw.ca

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If you have any info or pictures for our sight please submit it to Sensei Steve. I will get it on the web site.

Chief Instructor for Aldergrove is Steve Tang

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"To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." ~ Sun-Tsu ~The Art of War


Welcome to Aldergrove Karate

You deserve to be safe!


**Note The Karate start date has changed please take note. September 17, 2018.**

2018-2019 Karate Registraton pack

Please follow the below link to access the paper work to register for the 2017 Karate seson. Reg pack, open and print and return to class on our first night September 17, 2018 5:45 PM.



Hello everyone hope everyone is having a great summer. Its time for Karate to be reborn for another season. Dont forget to download and fill out or registration pack before coming to the Dojo. Our first night is September, 10. 2018. Be there at 5:45PM.



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Hi everyone. You may notice that our pictures page is gone. You are correct. It is now are media page. We have started to add Karate Videos as well. take a look at our first video. Happo-Geri.


Sensei Facts

Chief Instructor for Aldergrove is Steve Tang, a 4th degree black belt (Yondan). Chief instructor. NCCP Certified. Coordinator and head coach Zone 3 BC winter games. Head coach, Fraser Valley Zone 3, Provincial Referee Certified.


Try our new Quickkarate!

Just download our Aldergrove Karate registration pack. Fill out the paper work and then join us at 5:50 any Monday or Wednesday night with all your paper work and start Karate experiance right away! no fuss no muss. It's a great way to get in shape, increase yourself discipline and confidence, and learn to protect yourself and your family. You deserve to be safe!

Registration pack





New Calander will be posted when I receive it!

Date's to remember

January 8, 2018 Start of our New year session.


karate is an enjoyable life-long activity for all. Its many facets are:

Through karate we learn, teach, and promote values of respect, discipline, self control, truth, harmony, perseverance, and responsibility.

To promote the traditions and integrity of karate-do and to provide opportunities to excel in a competitive environment.

Aldergrove Karate operates on the principles of democracy, respect, fairness, accountability, equal opportunity, openness, and accessibility.

History of Karate

Since the dawn of time there have been many forms of martial arts practiced in Europe and Asia. At some time during the sixth century, a Buddhist monk, Bodhidarma. Travelled from India to China where he established the roots of what we know today as Karate. By providing a spiritual framework as well as vigorous training, he shaped a strong and powerful discipline which has evolved through the years.
As the art grew and flourished, it spread across Southeast Asia. In secrecy, the Okinawa’s adopted the art from the Chinese to counteract the strength of the Japanese feudal Lords, who had outlawed weaponry on Okinawa. More.

"Karate to the very end should be practiced with the kata as the principle method and sparring as a supporting method." Gichin Funakoshi


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